The event in Uganda was an indoor singing competition. The folding stage used in the singing contest is one of our company’s stage products. This stage is collapsible, saving space for storage and convenient for transportation. Besides, this stage is equipped with wheels, which greatly saves manpower and material resources during unloading and installation. A total of 40 1.22* 1.22m folding stages and two staircases were customized for the event, whose main frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is solid and firm. And the stage height is adjustable.The number of stairs is customized to the needs of the client. The floor of the stage is red wood, beautiful design. When the client informs us of his needs, we will plan an activity plan that meets his expectation.

    • Dimension:1.22*1.22m,1.22*2.44m
    • Material of Board:plywood,tempered glass and plexiglass
    • Thickness of Board:18mm
    • Adjustable Height:0.6-1.0m/0.8-1.2m/1.0-1.5m/1.5-2.0m
    • Color of Board:Red/Black
    • Application:Concert,Shoe,Performance
    • Stairs:Customized steps

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