In 2016, Rida Tent provided the 25 × 30 × 8m PVC tent for lighting exhibition used in Guangzhou International Lighting Show. This lighting exhibition is the largest show in China and there were a lot of tent manufacturer took part in this events. Rida Team built up this big size tent with necessary decoration to enrich the lighting show. The 8m height size was very special in this events and enables better effect for the lighting performance. And it turned out that our tent is favored by all walks of life after this show.

This tent is wind resistance and waterproof, so it is suitable for outdoor show even if the weather condition is bad. And the color of PVC cover can be customized according to the needs of our clients. Also, our tent is easy to be install and dismantled, so after this showing, it can be used for another events.

Project Description

Size: 25 × 30 × 8m

People Capacity: 500 to 750 individuals with tables and chairs

Material: High hardness aluminium frame and PVC cover

Fixing Method: Expansion bolts

Usage: For lighting show

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